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Abstract Review Criteria

All abstracts submitted for the EES Conference 2022 will be reviewed by a team of evaluation experts, involving a first review of all abstracts followed by a quality and consistency check second review. Of particular importance are abstracts' technical quality and relevance to the evaluation community. Abstracts that are simply descriptive without analysis will be considered of low quality.

The criteria for review are as follows:

  • Relevance to the evaluation community: Is the topic likely to evince interest among evaluation practitioners, managers, commissioners and/or users?
  • Quality: Does the proposal meet high professional quality standards?
  • Improvement of evaluation capability or skills: does the abstract focus on material that potentially improves evaluators’ capabilities?
  • Creativity and innovation: Is the proposed contribution likely to generate a fruitful debate through the dissemination of new ideas and innovative approaches, potentially going beyond the “business as usual”?
  • Public interest: Is the proposed contribution likely to advance the public interest through the promotion of diversity and equity, cross-cultural exchanges, diversity of perspectives?
  • Gender equality: consideration of gender-related aspects and intersectionality. Abstracts incorporating gender-related reflections and intersectionality will be given priority, ceteris paribus.
  • Evaluation at a Watershed, actions and shifting paradigms for challenging times: alignment with the overarching theme of the conference, whilst not mandatory, is recommended.

May Pettigrew, Ananda Millard and Laura Tagle
Conference team

Conference Secretariat: C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, CZE
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